NFR -- Cathaysian Metacosmic infrastructure

Independent original Many chain agreement Digital asset Governance The compliance of science and technology Intelligent contract

Interlinked networks - how the world will be connected in the future

Data security To protect privacy The data of lake Galaxy Database Big data Antitrust Anti money laundering

TDBC Open Service Platform
(Open TianDe BlockChain)

One blockchain, multiple applications
Open, free, secure, low-cost blockchain Database services, to make it easy for enterprises to access to blockchain technology and applications, to enable a blockchain for multi-application platform

Bluebook on Technology Assessment and Analysis of Global Public blockchain Projects
Taishan Sandbox produced

Bluebook of Technology Assessment and Analysis of Global Public blockchain Projects, which is automatically generated by Taishan Sandbox Blockchain Evaluation System. Please update the report. -

Open Platform Link to the Future

Open, free, low-cost, risk-free, professional blockchain solutions

Free for Use
Cloud Services
Multi-purpose Blockchain
Isolation Management
Open TDBC (Open TianDe BlockChain) is based on the Tiande Laoshan Blockchain. Users can use JBCC SDK to develop their own applications. The open blockchain open platform database allows users to quickly submit data to the blockchain. Using the chain open platform can save you the cost of implementing the underlying technology of the blockchain, eliminating the blockchain construction and operation and maintenance work, the lower threshold blockchain SDK, and facing the various industry scenes, one chain can serve more Applications, do not affect each other, to meet the individual needs of users. The free platform is suitable for major universities for blockchain training, enterprise blockchain application development, blockchain enthusiasts, research and training institutions.

Compass on Blockchains Professional Evaluations

Distinguish the true from the false, analyze risks, and provide professional evaluation reports for blockchain systems

True and False Identification
Technical Analysis
Risk Assessment
Analysis on White-Papers
The Compass on Public Blockchains is an automated testing platform with completely independent intellectual property rights by Tiande technology. It can perform interfaces testing, performance testing and security testing on the blockchain core layer and DAPPs. With a complete sandbox evaluation index model of entry criteria technology and testing criteria layered model, 256 public blockchain evaluations have been completed. The sandbox is no longer a testing tool, but a driving force for the innovation and development of the blockchain industry

Industry Elites Gathering in Tiande

Gathering industry experts and professors, and elites pilot blockchain applications
National Distinguished Experts (1) Ph.D.Adviosrs (6) PhDs (16) 20+ Industry Elite Consultants

Collaboration Co-Blockchaining

Work together with leading companies to promote the development of blockchain innovation

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